Thursday, August 26, 2010

Molly is in Lancaster!

We have one solid investigator who is in his thirties. Sister Anderson and her previous companion street contacted him right before the transfer. He loves to cycle and says he loves reading the Book of Mormon because it gives him energy. He came to church for the first time yesterday and loved the feelings he had. I was asked to bear my testimony, being the new Sister and all, and he loved it. Afterward, he said he felt my sincerity so deeply (as he touched his heart). He has agreed to be baptized on the eleventh of September!

When we street contact we are usually going back and forth on the Millennium Bridge (which is close to our flat) or in the town center. I feel like we have better conversations on the bridge, because people are in less of a hurry. We went tracting yesterday and set one appointment. It's always tricky because lots of people give us fake addresses and numbers on the street, but tracting is nice because we already know where they live! The little family that agreed to see us again would be so amazing! I'm praying so hard that they really let us in long enough for them to feel the Spirit. The Spirit is the only teacher.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Arrived safe and sound...30 minutes away from the Preston MTC

And she's off!

I just finished my last full day at the Preston MTC! Tomorrow morning I will be loading a coach at 6:30 and driving thirty miles to my mission home. We all went to the temple today. What a blessing that Holy place is! First, seeing my Elders and Sisters all together in white was enough to move me to tears. We have all changed so much. I love these missionaries They each have a story of sacrifice and I know the Lord is mindful of each one of them. The next two years will continue to be full of sacrifice for all of us, but from sacrifice comes sanctification, and, of course, blessings. I know that I am on the verge of so many blessings!

I am becoming increasingly familiar with the gospel contradiction that as soon as you give you get more back. I know this is true because of the Savior. I love him. I have grown so much here, but I get the feeling that the best is yet to come!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Molly's second week in England

E-Maaaaaiiiiiiiiillllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I didn't know this was happening today! JK I did know but I'm still so excited!


This really is such a build up and then you sit down and it's hard to get anything down!

Sister Low and I improved so much in our teaching this week! It did not come without challenges and hard work, but we've really been focusing on ways we can depend on the Spirit, which has proven to be very fruitful.

Last Friday we went contacting on buses and in downtown Manchester for two hours. Generally, "contacting" means you stop everyone you see, share the gospel and invite them to do something (take a Book of Mormon, come to church, meet with the missionaries, etc.) I'm not sure I could say it worked quite that way with us on Friday. There wasn't much stopping involved: most people seemed to see the long skirts and tag and sort of walk briskly the other direction. Didn't have much success chasing people down, so we tried with those that were stationary. Had varied responses. We either found that they were so unresponsive that we force-fed them, or so passionately opposed that they force-fed us. There are only two conversations that were actually felt like "sharing." We bore testimony of God's love of his children loads and gave out lots of cards. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, and although we didn't have immediate success I pray that we planted seeds. We came home a little worse for the wear but not broken. We've worked harder than ever for the ability to asking questions that will bring people to the place where they are open to hearing us. If we can find a way into their mind or hearts, I know the Spirit will work the magic.

I met my mission president, President Bullock! He and Sister Bullock came on Sunday and had lunch with us. They are wonderful. They already feel like home. I will be officially under their guidance a week from today, and I can't wait!

I appreciate your love and prayers. I do feel them every day!

Molly and her companion, Sister Low, on the way to the Preston MTC

Wow. My head is reeling! I didn't expect to have the computer until later this afternoon, so you'll have to give me a second to collect my thoughts. I think it is so hard to start because my life has changed so, so much! Haha I planned on having this long report for you but now I just feel like crying! It's almost too overwhelming to think of how I have grown, how much I've learned and how blessed I have been. In only one week!

My companion, Sister Low from Murray Utah, is incredible! She is probably the best proof to me at this moment that God knows and loves me. First off, we have almost too much fun together. Our humor is so similar. She also understands all my deep feelings about Nauvoo and Pangeanteers because she was in the Blue cast in 2007! I kid you not. We've had a great time swapping stories and remeniscing. Lastly, her strengths really help me with my weaknesses. She knows the scriptures and Preach My Gospel so well! And she has been very supportive in helping me fill my well.

The Manchester area is stunningly beautiful and the Preston MTC felt like home the instant I stepped through the door. It reminds me SO much of the Jerusalem Center! Not just the feeling of being isolated with the same amazing people (eating, sleeping, exercising and learning together) but also the Spirit that is here. It really feels like I'm home! Everyone told me that I would be sick of sitting in class, but on the contrary, I honestly feel like I have not had enough of it! Also, there seems to be hardly a minute for personal study or reflection (partially becaue I have some extra responsibilities that take that time) and I want to just lock myself in a room and read the scriptures for a week. Now that I am beginning to look at the gospel through the eyes of an investigator, everything takes on new meaning! It's wonderful and exhilarating.

The food is just as greasy as everyone said it would be and I haven't gotten used to it (good or bad thing? I'm not sure) but I've been so blessed to sleep really well and have plenty of energy. In two days we will go contacting as companionships on trains and in public squares throughout Manchester. I CAN'T WAIT! I really feel the fire to share.

Please keep praying for me. The learning curve is steep, but I feel all of the prayers already and I have faith that I will continue to be enabled.

Much love,