Thursday, August 26, 2010

Molly is in Lancaster!

We have one solid investigator who is in his thirties. Sister Anderson and her previous companion street contacted him right before the transfer. He loves to cycle and says he loves reading the Book of Mormon because it gives him energy. He came to church for the first time yesterday and loved the feelings he had. I was asked to bear my testimony, being the new Sister and all, and he loved it. Afterward, he said he felt my sincerity so deeply (as he touched his heart). He has agreed to be baptized on the eleventh of September!

When we street contact we are usually going back and forth on the Millennium Bridge (which is close to our flat) or in the town center. I feel like we have better conversations on the bridge, because people are in less of a hurry. We went tracting yesterday and set one appointment. It's always tricky because lots of people give us fake addresses and numbers on the street, but tracting is nice because we already know where they live! The little family that agreed to see us again would be so amazing! I'm praying so hard that they really let us in long enough for them to feel the Spirit. The Spirit is the only teacher.

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