Monday, August 29, 2011

Pioneer Style Baptism...

What a miracle week! We had a baptism and we have two new investigators who are amazing! Stephanie is the girlfriend of a member in Preston. She's 23 and has a little boy, Edgar. She's smart, funny, so sweet and faithful. One of those kindred spirits. Harrold is a thirty-something recent divorcee who is now the mother and the father to his perfect six-year-old, Missy. He is a joiner (builder) and is just very humble. They were both mistaken for members at church yesterday : ) So funny. They fit right in.

Gordon's baptism was flawless. Well, almost. The boiler was broken : D so he got a good ol' pioneer baptism! It's a fun story for him to tell now. The ward stepped in and just took care of everything (including supplimenting the ice-cold font with thier own bucketfulls of hot water as much as possible. It was well-attended (by investigators and members) and the Spirit was so strong. Gordon is such a dependable, quietly conistant young man. Sister Maughan and I were discussing it, and we realised that he never cancelled a lesson! He was spot on every time. The ward loves him and he loves the ward. His mother came to support him as well. She doesn't understand why he would leave their family religion (Church of England) since she sees religion as more of a title/tradition than actual lifestyle. She's slowly starting to get it, and I know she felt loved at church. He will do great things in his future! We feel so privileged to be able to teach him.

Things are well. This week will have to be short, but I love you so much!

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