Monday, December 26, 2011

More miracles on the Isle

Unreal that it is P-Day again. The weeks are flying!

I want to tell you what miracles we saw this week.

Two weeks ago, President Preston held a conference call with each Zone. In the call he explained to us that he has the keys over the missionaries but our bishops actually have the keys over missionary work in our area. He wants us to involve our Bishops more and as a first step asked us to seek from our Bishop a specific street to find people on. As we sat in the Bishop's office the next evening and showed confidence in his priesthood keys the Spirit of the Lord enveloped us. We knelt down together and the Bishop prayed fervently for direction. We sat in silence for a moment and then he looked up. With a big grin he said, “I’ve got the streets.” We pulled out the map and he pointed out four streets in Castletown. One stood out to me in particular and we’ve made it a priority. Well, this weekend we met and taught two families there!

The first was Matthew and Jill on Saturday morning. Jill is Manx and Matthew is from Liverpool. They are in their twenties and have a three-year-old named Ethan. Jill and Matthew are both Catholic and they had a feeling in April that they should get married (which, as you know, hardly ever happens here.) When we knocked on the door, Matthew said they were just about to go out but we could come by later in the day. We had other appointments but promised to stop by next week. We returned to tracting and not ten minutes later who was running up to us but Matthew! He said they had decided not to go out and they would really like it if we would come back. Amazing. Jill especially is so open and sweet. We have high hopes for them!

The second family is the Howards. We had tracted into them three weeks ago but Letham was the only one in and he was locked in. He told us (through the letter slot) to come back another time. Every time we tried the house was empty, but I just couldn’t shake this good feeling I had about the house. Yesterday, Sunday, they were in. Marylee opened the door, took one look at us and said, “Come on in!” We were dumbstruck! The Howards are a family of five. Marylee must be just thirty. The house is like the neighbourhood hangout. There were all these kids running wild! Which was wonderful! You can tell they have really big hearts and really care about all the kids. We had a short lesson with Marylee (Letham was asleep) about the Restoration, to which she was very receptive. She is excited to read the Book of Mormon and see us again. As we were leaving she also said she it had been a hard day and she was so grateful that we came. Perfect timing! The Lord really is in the details.

I have such a testimony of the organisation of the Church and priesthood power! I am excited to see the miracles that happen in this area. It will be a great harvest! Of that I am sure.

This ward is so amazing. I know I say that about every area, but seriously. I love these people! Their only problem is that they feed us so much! They haven't adjusted to having Sisters, I guess, so we are still getting Elder-sized portions! But it is such a blessing that we get meal appointments ("tea appointments") every single night. When we have tea with members we try to focus our conversation on missionary work and share all of the miracles we've experienced. We also leave them with a spiritual thought and always seek referrals.

This last week, we've centered most of our spiritual thoughts around the true Christmas spirit. You know the DVD
On The Lord's Errand
about President Monson? If you haven't seen it I would encourage you to! It's so well done. There is a story in there about the Guertler family who moved into Bishop Monson's ward at the end of WWII. They didn't have the money to rent a nice flat and when Bishop Monson saw the conditions they would live in he was heartsick. He rallied the ward around him and everyone volunteered time and means to fix up the flat. I'll let you see the ending ; ) but it's a really beautiful Christmastime story. As we have watched it with the members, I never cease to be amazed at how humbly dedicated Thomas S. Monson was in serving his whole life. He really knows how to put his shoulder to the wheel! He saw needs and just filled them without hesitation. He says, "I want the Lord to know that if He ever needs an errand run, Thomas Monson will do it." I want to be that way, too! I know that it is in the little daily sacrifices that we carve out our consecrated hearts and become fit for Heaven.

I love this work! In all the hubbub of Christmas preparations and festivities don't forget to truly celebrate by feasting on the words of Christ and

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