Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A brand New Year--simply stated on the Isle

This week has been great! Half of it was spent in Whitefield (outskirts of Manchester) where Sister Hoffman and I had the chance to acquaint ourselves and do a lot of finding! Sister Jack and Sister Low (both previous companions) are serving there now, so it was so great to stay with them and catch up in the evenings. The boat ride over was relatively smooth : ) and we’ve just been from appointment to appointment since then.

Sister Hoffman has been given the “gift of stick” (think “gift of tongues”) with the car. She is doing so well for never having driven a manual before! I told her that this has got to be the best place to learn because the Lord will be magnifying her. It's fun for me to play driving coach. It reminds me of the days when Dad was teaching me to drive stick. I have also been blessed to remember directions as much as I do after only six weeks. Oh the magnificent mantle! Sister Hoffman has already met many of the members and she seems to fit right in.

Our teaching pool is getting a bit stagnant. Though no one has dropped us we aren't able to meet with any of them often enough to see progress. We've made a point to find as much as possible this week so we can widen our circle of influence and touch some more lives!

I have many goals and improvements this transfer and I am excited to stretch myself in new directions. I really want to see growth in the members and their ability to share the gospel. It’s going to be great! There is definitely a special feeling that comes with the New Year. It’s in the air!

Ode to Sister Hoffman:

I love my new companion! She is 24, and from Simi Valley California. She is very nurturing as she is the eldest of nine children. This is her third transfer out and I'm her second companion. She knows What's Up Doc? better than I do! We don't sing unapproved songs or quote unapproved movies in the mission field, but every once in a while she lets one slip (Me: "Which street is it?" Sister Hoffman: "Vale Avenue..you know, with hi-fen?") and it has kept us in stitches all week. She values cleanliness and order just as much as I do (and I do, Mum! : ) This is probably one of the ways I've changed the most on my mission).

The two of us spent some time on New Years Eve just doing Feng shui in the flat and it feels so much nicer! Great to start the year off right. One thing that I really appreciate about Sister Hoffman is that she really has integrity. She is the same person no matter who she is talking to. She is also very pure in heart. She really wants to see others come closer to Christ and facilitate their families being sealed for eternity. It’s so refreshing for me to see the Gospel from her perspective. I am sure this is going to be a great transfer!

Love you all dearly! Keep up the good work.

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