Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Working with unwearyingness always pays off.

I got my new scriptures and have been marking them up! I am marking them according to the lessons in PMG and the color code matches the color of the lessons. I underline the verse in the appropriate color and then bold the key word ("atonement," "fall," "obedience," etc.) with a very careful hand in black...It's great because the word really pops out! Now when I am in lessons and I want a scripture on resurrection, for example, I just flip through looking for orange (Plan of Salvation) and the word pops out at me. It's great fun : )

We did exchanges this week and I had Sister Holbrook with me in Lancaster. She is from Wasilla, Alaska, but doesn't remember Max. I had the chance to experience what it feels like to essentially be the senior companion was very humbling. I have so much to improve on: logistics, member relationships, following the Spirit. Basically name anything that has to do with missionary work and I need to improve it! Sister Holbrook is incredible and taught me so much by example. Even though I was supposed to be the "area expert", I really knew I could lean on her. She is so strong in her testimony! Finding with her was like clockwork. She has urgency and such a sense of duty: two things that I really want to keep up! She really is an example to me of a missionary who has jumped out of the boat with both feet. We really experienced miracles on Thursday. We did a lot of finding, which is typically street contacting in the busier streets and bus contacting (Yes on the red doubledecker buses. I always pictured myself as a tourist on one, so it's funny being a missionary contacting on them). I worked harder than any day yet and we were literally four times more effective in setting up appointments than the average day here in Lancaster! AND we taught four lessons! The other amazing thing is that all last week I was praying for appointments on Thursday and Friday so that I could learn how Sister Holbrook teaches. On the first day of the exchange we taught Restoration, Gospel of Jesus Christ and Plan of Salvation. Isn't that amazing! The Lord really provides when we express the desire to learn.

Sister Anderson and I have seen some encouraging progress with our YSA investigator, Liam, this week! He has slight learning disabilities and we've wondered how much we were getting through. We have been praying that he will begin to understand and really love the Book of Mormon. The last two lessons he suddenly seems on fire and has so many questions. He is also calling us at least twice a day to confirm future appointments! It's pretty incredible. I love being a missionary during those moments that you see the spark of a testimony beginning to catch! It's the best.

Andrew is scheduled to be baptised this Saturday! Pray for him!! Satan is working very hard on Andrew and he really needs prayers.

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