Monday, April 4, 2011

Divine Instruction

What a week! We had Interviews and Trainings as well as General Conference! It has been a feast of instruction. Something I've realised on my mission is that I love being taught. I could just sit and learn for hours and hours and hours. Something else I've learned on my mission is the value of having the discipline to go and do what you have been taught. Basking in the Spirit and being a "doer of the word" are very different things, and it is hard sometimes to bridge the gap. James 1:22 "be ye doers of the word and not hearers only" seems to wrap up my entire mission. I loved how Elder Eyring described serviceable people as ones who "let their feelings of sympathy turn into determination to act on their covenants." "To pity distress is human. To relieve it is god-like" has become my favorite quote. As missionaries we do all that we can to relieve the spiritual distress that so many live in. We follow the example of our perfect Redeemer who helped at every turn. True, being a missionary is hard, but I'm willing to bet that being the Saviour is harder. He is so much a doer of the word that He is the Word.

We continue to see miracles in the lives of those we teach. Samba is receiving the priesthood next week. He's been sharing the gospel via Facebook with all of his friends. He wants to know how he can go back and serve a mission in the Congo. He keeps thanking us for bringing the gospel into his life and sometimes I tear up. He's probably the only one who has thanked me with that much sincerity. It has really motivated me to thank those who have made sacrifices for me. Especially the Saviour.

We street contacted into a group of Jehovah's Witnesses on Saturday. No bible bashing took place :) of which I am glad. I was able to confidently bear testimony of our Prophet and the Book of Mormon. I felt the Spirit carrying it unto their hearts, but none of them seemed to allow it in. I tend to get so sad in those situations, but I know that we must press on and continue to testify until we find the humble.

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