Monday, March 28, 2011

Speaking French in Withington

NOTE: Molly was able to teach Samba, who is originally from the Congo, in French. What a blessing to my girl who loves languages!

[Samba's] baptism was beautiful and he is so happy! He keeps thanking us over and over again for finding him. Last night after the mission home fireside he was full of the Spirit. He can't wait to come fellowshipping with us and get a calling in the Church. He was truly prepared and I feel so humbled to have been involved in his conversion. We brought a new investigator, Pascal, to the fireside as well. Pascal is from Zimbabwe and has been through really rough things. He is a jazz musician (double bass, Gabe!) doing his dissertation at the moment and just went through a painful divorce. The day we met him on the street he was going to take a bus but felt that he should just walk home to clear his head. Amazing how the Lord put him in our path! He has already identified the Spirit and is fully committed to baptism even though he knows little about the church. His unquestioning trust in the voice of the Lord is really inspiring!

Sister Babbel is wonderful. We often speak of the ways we have progressed, how we would like to progress and the blessings that come from being obedient. Overall, we have an inspiring time together : ) She has many good qualities that I am learning. She stays calm in hectic situations and she is not afraid to say things how they are. Her testimony is solid. We have performed three musical items together already and if the members have anything to do with it there will be more to come. I just love music!

This transfer really is yielding great miracles. We had some incredible things happen this week. During the last week Sister Wilde and I were together we had one night that we met a woman named Maxine on the street. She said she was busy that night but would be really interested if we came by hers at a different time. She gave us her address and the evening carried on. Sister Wilde kept thinking of Maxine and suggested we go drop a pamphlet by her. It felt funny because we had just spoken to her and she had just said she was busy but I've learned to trust my companions' promptings. We didn't know what we'd say or anything but we went in faith. We knocked on her door to no answer. Sister Wilde put our number down on the pamphlet and just slipped it through the letterbox. We went home wondering what that prompting was all about and feeling slightly confused. Well, the day after transfers, I received a phone call from Anna, living at 19 Chidlow Drive. She said she had found a pamphlet in her home with our number. I was caught off guard but explained who we were and said, "We share with people how Jesus Christ can help their lives..." (interject: not something I usually say, but it came out that way) She immediately asked, "Can he really?" with a saddened, sincere tone. I testified and we arranged to meet. We have since been able to help Anna so much. She is a twenty-something University student who was raised in an orphanage and has no family. She's desperately needed a home and I know that she really felt at home yesterday at church. The Spirit was so strong and she said it felt like one big family...which, of course, it is. Turns out that Maxine lives at 9 Chidlow (we wrote the address wrong)! I hope we get to teach her as well, but what a miracle that was! I know the Lord led us to Anna and she knows that, too. She is struggling with some doctrinal points, but we have great hopes for her. Do keep her in your prayers!

The Church is definitely true. Heavenly Father definitely loves His children. I feel honored to be doing His work and I strive every day to do it the way He would have me do it.

I cannot wait for Conference! It's way better than anything...than Christmas even! At least as a missionary.

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