Monday, September 5, 2011

Prayer changes things.

What a wonderful week it has been! As part of the new training curriculum they have said that the new missionaries are supposed to be trained in such a way that they are ready to train by the end of their twelve weeks. Well, Sister Jack is ready now : ) She is honestly such a wonderful missionary! Yesterday in Gospel Principles (the class for investigators and recent converts) we learned about talents and it just struck me how the Lord put us together because we compliment each other. Her talents make up for my weaknesses. It's really great to see. I have a testimony that the Lord does transfers. One thing that I loved was a question that she asked last night:

"Sister Davis, even though tomorrow's P-Day, are we allowed to speak to people about the gospel if we want?" Yes! She's caught the vision. She is both feet in the work. We are already teaching with greater unity and feeling the Spirit.

We had the beautiful baptism of Trish on Friday! The Spirit was very strong. There was a miscommunication on the programme and it was announced that I would do a musical number. When Brother Aspey said it, Trish looked back at me so excited: A surprise! Well, it was a surprise to me, too. Thank goodness Sister Maughan had come back for the baptism and so, with a bit of pantomiming in the back, we were able to wing an impromptu duet of “I Stand All Amazed.” I think we actually pulled it off as well! The speakers were great and the Spirit of the whole thing was that of love and fellowship.

Trish is so dear to me; kindred spirit. She was so happy and nervous all at once! She has a fear of water and but she did great. The Lord actually really tested her courage as her knee wasn't fully immersed the first time around and so she had to do it again! But she was willing and it all came out fine. She felt so triumphant afterwards and so happy. She kept saying, "I just can't stop smiling!" She will be a great strength to this ward. Her little Conner (18 mos.) means the nursery workers will actually have something to do! He is full of energy : ). She was also talking to some of our other investigators afterwards and encouraging them. The ward showed great support and they are all very excited at the missionary work going on. There were several testimonies from ward members centered around it yesterday [in fast and testimony meeting], actually. I really know that the good things that happen are because the ward is prepared and willing to welcome new people in.

We went on a tour of the church history sites as a Zone Conference this week. I saw them in the MTC but it was really wonderful to see them again. The Church History tour also cast my mind back to our progenitors and inspired me in the work the rest of this week. They truly braved the storm as they sacrificed for what they knew was right. I am so grateful to have that heritage to be true to!

I wanted to briefly share an experience I had at tea with a member a few weeks ago. Her name is Judy Sutherland. She must be in her forties and she's this gorgeous little thing with a big heart! She was hit in a cross walk as a young adult and suffered brain injuries and all sorts. Her recovery has been miraculous but there are still traces of brain damage. As we were teaching her a lesson after tea she started speaking and just bearing her testimony. The Spirit was so strong! She was more on topic than she ever has been in the past and she suddenly looked at me and said, "And the thing is, Sister Davis, your family is praying for you." When she said that, my mind was caught back to all of the miracles I've seen lately. No sooner had the Spirit said to me, and it's working, Sister Sutherland continued, "...and it's working!" It was a powerful experience. I feel your prayers often and I am so grateful for them.

Yesterday was fast Sunday. When I awoke this morning I had this overwhelming sense of peace and protection. I just immediately knew that someone - perhaps several people - fasted for me. It didn't surprise me at all, Mum, to hear you say that. Thank you!

And thank you for praying for our dear investigators who have been handed off to the Elders. We have hope that they will be able to help them! Joshua and Anson are both progressing : ) We need a bit more time to teach them before they make the covenants one does at baptism. Right now they are both looking at the 16th of September. Pray for them! And also pray that we find the many more humble gospel-seekers that are in Wigan. I've come to realise that humility is really the only pre-requisite to learning the gospel!

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