Monday, September 5, 2011

Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven...

First thing to report on: Sister Jack. She is wonderful! She is full of desire and she was ready to just hit the road running. I think of all of the Christ-like qualities, she most exhibits diligence. I'm re-learning that the Lord provides miracles for first-transfer-missionaries. My favorite this week is that whatever we role-play in the morning, it seems the Lord gives us an opportunity to use it during the day. Sister Jack faces her fears head on. We just got off a bus where she was moving around, speaking to everyone; what a gem. Sister Jack is full of good ideas for the area and she's not shy about sharing them, which I love. I know that the Lord must really have miracles in store for Wigan because He sent her to them. They will soon see how lucky they are to have her. I feel lucky to have her! We definitely compliment each other.

Trisha is all set to be baptised on Friday. She is so excited! We showed her the font on Sunday and that put her mind at ease. She has a fear of water, but the Lord is giving her courage. We taught her about tithes and offerings this week and the Spirit was so strong! She is very humble; very teachable. When she read in the Book of Mormon about Lehi and his family leaving their riches to go into the wilderness she immediately related it to her life. She says that since she has left certain things behind, tea and coffee in particular, she knows the Lord will lead her to a promised land. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels when your investigators are being taught by the Spirit! We also have two others who are working toward baptism on the 9th of September: Joshua (age: 36) and Anson (age:20). How blessed we are to be teaching these wonderful children of God! We're focusing on building up our teaching pool so that when we hand these over to the ward as recent converts we still have a few to work with!

Other developments: They just put a set of Elders in the ward with us. Elder Hanchett (former ZL) and Elder Reedy (in training). They were put in a brand new flat in West Houghton, which is way out on the edge of the area. They are starting from scratch and bless them they are doing a fantastic job. The hilarious thing is I've only been here for a transfer and now there are three missionaries that are depending on me to be the know-all. They'll learn soon enough : )

I feel so much hope for the Wigan ward. They are fantastic at sharing the gospel! So I've been taking every opportunity to tell them so; and last week at coordination I saw the fruits of my labours: ) Brother Aspey turned to all the new missionaries and said, "Don't we have a friendly ward? They are great at missionary work," and he meant it! I couldn't help but smile. People just do not give themselves enough credit.

We had the opportunity to attend the temple yesterday. I asked the Lord to give me a vision; a theme for the transfer if you will. He did: Sacrifice. I am prepared to sacrifice more than ever for the Lord, and for Sister Jack, in these coming months. We'll see how it goes!

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