Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wigan is blessed for another 6 weeks...

Wasn't General Conference wonderful!??!! It just flew by, as well!

Here just a few of my notes:

Richard G. Scott:
Nanny hardly needed to fast!
We need to be using the Bible more in our teaching.
I should memorise Moroni 7:41-48 as long as I am reading it each day : )

Barbara Thompson
Can I please just be her when I grow up? I love her!
The Holy Ghost can fill our emotional needs; Eliza R. Snow is proof.

President Monson
ANOTHER PROVO TEMPLE!?!? Amazing! My jaw dropped!

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
This talk was the answer to my conference question.

Tad R. Callister
No notes. I was too transfixed! Loved it.

Elaine S. Dalton
I do truly cherish the memories of being with Dad in the temple.
I did have a worthy priesthood holder for a father, and he protected me very well. I'm sure he still it protecting me. How grateful I am for the sealing power!
Remember this when looking for the father of my daughters.

That's just a taster. I was filled! We get to see a re-broadcast of the General Relief Society Meeting tonight so I'm sure you'll hear all about that on Monday. There's nothing like the Spirit of Gathering. I always feel a special connection to you, as well, knowing you are hearing the same inspired words.

We have seen great progress in our Alfred Stone since last time I wrote. He has been really struggling to commit to tithing. It has been hard to see him struggle but I know that it is making him stronger. His scripture study and prayers are much more heartfelt and intent; his relationship with the Lord is growing stronger and he is recognising the Truth more and more. He drove us and Sister Higham to Conference on Saturday and really enjoyed it. I think he took more notes than I did! After conference we sat by the temple and answered his questions about the Spirit World (of which he had many.) The Spirit was so strong. As we spoke about missionary work on the other side, Brother Stone (as he already likes to be called) said, "Hey! That means, Sister Davis, that your dad could be teaching my dad the gospel!" I hadn't really thought about it, to be honest, but it really touched my heart when he said it.

We taught him last night and he wouldn’t let us start the lesson until he had taken us through all his notes from the Priesthood Session as well! Helen, his 5 yr old daughter was there last night. She loves us, but last night she loved our fellow shipper even more! Why? Because Sister Sharples brought chocolate! And let Helen parade around in her big fur coat. As we spoke last night, Brother Stone was finally able to identify that Satan is the one that wants to keep him from paying tithing. Now that that light bulb has gone on I have no worries for him. It's just a matter of time.

Another choice experience we had this week proved to me the truth of Ether 12:27. We were on our way to an appointment and ended up on the wrong street (my navigational weaknesses.) We knocked at the alleged house number to be greeted by a bubbly older woman, Susan. Once we realised it was the wrong house we said something to the effect of, “You aren’t Fran? Well, God loves you, too! May we share this message with you?” She laughed and declined. A little bit more chatting revealed that she is doing up her garden and she did accept help with that. The weather has been uncharacteristically balmy of late, which was to our advantage! We returned and had a lovely time hearing her life stories and gardening with her. She is dealing with a bout of colon cancer and her only family is in Australia. She lives a Buddhist lifestyle but has Christian tendencies as far as her beliefs. She doesn't dare believe in an afterlife--she couldn't bare it if she were disappointed.

After an hour she got us each lemonade and then sat us down and said, “Right, ladies. Tell me about Mormon.” So we did! Although I would say we told her more about Jesus Christ. It was a great lesson and we’ll be seeing her again soon. The Lord's lesson to us? He can use our weaknesses; even bad map reading! What a relief that is. Just another message from Him that my imperfections aren't going to kill the work.

We have a lot of new investigators which I will tell you about on Monday when I have a bit more time. Thank you for your prayers and your constant support! Looking back over the transfer I am really satisfied with the work Sister Jack and I have done here in Wigan. I know that we have worked our hardest. We have great hopes for next transfer and everything we can improve and accomplish!

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