Saturday, February 4, 2012

He leads me along...

I don’t know if you remember two weeks ago that I said, and I quote,
“We feel really good about the countryside there. Several members have
suggested that we tract up there and we just really feel drawn to it.
It’s not as effective number wise (it takes time to get from house to
house) but I have a feeling we are going to ‘strike gold.’ Someone out
there is praying for the gospel.”

Well, we struck gold this week!

We felt so strongly about this road in Andreas, and we went to it,
despite it being so far away and quite illogical. We weren’t very well
received, until Peggy answered the door. She is this spunky
sixty-something-year-old who lost her husband two years ago and still
finds herself mourning. When we said she could see him again, she
started to well up and then just said, “Right girls. This is what I
want to know. Prove it to me, please.” We asked if we could prove it
indoors (out of the cold) and she let us in. As we sat around the
kitchen table of her lovely home she cried and told us of how she has
been asking all of the pastors in the area and none of them can really
tell her what happens after this life; they just vaguely say that she
will probably be with him in some form or another. Well, we had an
opening prayer and then laid the scriptures before her and taught her
the Plan of Salvation. By the time we reached the three kingdoms of
glory she looked at us in amazement and said, “That makes so much
sense!” I want to cry here in the library just thinking about it. The
Spirit was so strong and it was such a beautiful moment.

We met with her two days later and she had read the entire pamphlet,
answered all of the study questions, looked up all the scriptures and
come out with a list of questions herself. IT WAS AMAZING! She made it
very clear that she doesn’t want to be pushed into any religion
(Sister Grimshaw, our widowed recent convert, came in very handy at
that point) and at the end of the second visit I said, “Well, Peggy
(sigh) it has been very nice getting to know you…” and she said, “Well, are you coming back again or aren’t you??” : D Of course we are! This time we are meeting at the church so that she can get a feel for it. I really have good feelings about

I feel so blessed to know the Truths of the Gospel. It is a privilege
to teach them to sincere seekers like Peggy. In the end, the
knowledge we have of the Plan of Salvation is the only thing that
pulled me through after Dad's death. Everyone needs it, and I am so
glad that some are humble enough to receive it!

We’ve also been blessed to have seen many less-actives this week and
four came to church! We are really helping them come unto Christ. Our
Ward Mission Leader, Brother Holden, taught Gospel Principles and he
just tailored it exactly to each of their concerns and challenges.
Mostly he taught about how our faith strengthens when we exercise it
and obey the commandments.

I feel so blessed to be serving here at this time.

Hurrah for Israel!

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