Monday, February 27, 2012

It’s been a really great week here on the island...mostly because we didn't have any conferences to go across to! It’s beenbrilliant being able to work an entire week here and feel like we are putting our all into it.

We had the chance to teach an Anglican minister this week! It was so fun. We actually had the Spirit there, very little Bible-bashing, and he even accepted some of the doctrines that we taught him! He’d never seen the scriptures about baptisms for the dead in the Bible and he didn’t know what to make of it. He accepted the Book of Mormon and agreed to read 2 Nephi 28-30. It would be very ironic if he chose not to read it considering how much Nephi prophesies of those who will reject anything but the Bible. My hope is that he does read it and that it opens his eyes.

We also have a couple of new investigators that are fantastic! Lexi is the friend of a member who randomly stopped by when we were having tea and agreed to sit with us for a lesson. Even better, she agreed to another lesson! She is passionately Anglican and has served a few missions herself in India. She is intrigued by our beliefs : ) Can't wait to share more! The other, George, just moved in next to our ward mission leader. He recently lost both of his parents and wanted to start going to a church again but didn't know which one. It seems we tracted into him just in time. Miracles are happening, as usual : )

When we met with Shandre this week she had the greatest news! She has been trying to move back to England for three years (ever since her husband's death) and couldn't ever sell her house (still can't for that matter). She has commented once or twice on how that might have been so she could meet us : D I love how the Spirit teaches her. Long story short, she has been looking to buy a house in Cheshire and for over a year she's had her eye on one in particular. She was looking at it, yet again, on Google maps this week and saw something that caught her eye. Guess what is 300 yards down the road. A chapel! OUR chapel! And she thinks it's a sign, which of course it is. She said that she thinks she'll join the church but she's not sure when. SUCH a big step in the right direction! I'm so excited for her : D : D

There was a baby blessing of a less-active couple in the ward yesterday. It was really nice to know that their little boy is now a child of record and that he will be counted among the Lord’s flock and looked after. It was also great because many of the less-active couples’ non-member friends came to see it. I suppose a baby blessing is viewed by other as a sort of Christening and so at least twenty came to support them. We got to speak to a lot of them afterwards and there is one, John, who showed some interest : ) Hopefully we will be able to teach him soon.

I really feel Sister Doherty and I increased so much in unity this week! It was so great to be on the island the whole week and do so much work together. We really get along and a few members of the ward have commented on how they can see we are friends and we work well together.

Overall, I feel so blessed to be in the Lord’s service! I never want this time to end... President Bullock always said, "We drink from wells that we didn't dig and walk across bridges we didn't build." Now I am digging and building for those who will come next, and I'm doing it with my whole heart in gratitude for those who went before me.

I love you all SO much! Have a fantastic week!

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