Monday, March 21, 2011

Blessings and more blessings in Withington

I don't know the first place to start! I have really grown in the last five days. I can safely say I have been more diligent and focused this week than ever before in my mission, and it feels great! The Lord has literally carried me. I cannot believe how much energy I've had and how happy I've been. Sister Babbel and I are getting along well. She is just as committed as I am to be exactly obedient and we spend a lot of time talking about the blessings of it in our down time : ) We are praying for charity and for the Spirit to guide us. We have felt extremely blessed so far as we've been together.

Cathy's baptism was beautiful! I really felt the weight of responsibility - knowing that if anything was missing or fell through it was my fault. But nothing really went wrong! The Lord keeps bringing things to my remembrance (did you remember the form? who's playing piano?) and I am so grateful! I couldn't have done it without Him.

Sister Wilde got to come back with her new companion, Sister Gallozo. They weren't able to find a violin for me to play, so I ended up singing (That's how much I love Cathy : ) ) "Consider the Lilies." It went better than I expected and the Spirit was definitely there. Cathy looked like an angel and she was so happy. I know that her life won't be automatically better, but I look forward to seeing the change that takes place as she experiences the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Samba is right on track to be baptised this Saturday. I really feel humbled at the blessings that the Lord is pouring upon us! It's been such a blessing for me personally to teach him using my French, too. It's a reminder that the Lord recognises and appreciates the hard work I've put into developing my talents. The ward loves Samba. He's outgoing and Christlike. He will be a strong priesthood holder, I know.

The Lord is in this work and I feel so privileged to be a part of it!

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