Friday, March 18, 2011

Music and Missionary Work! They will make beautiful music together...

This week was transfers and...Surprise! I've got a new companion! We were not expecting it at all! I will miss Sister Wilde terribly. She taught me so much about trusting the Lord and following the Spirit. But I know this is what the Lord wants, and I am at peace about it.

Sister Babbel is from South Jordan! She came out two transfers before I did. She is a musician : ) So we have lots to look forward to together. Including Cathy's baptism in two days! I will be playing violin, hopefully (pray that the ward finds one for me!) and Sister Babbel will accompany me on Consider the Lilies. It promises to be a very lovely programme.

Samba is doing so well. He came to church for the second time last week and is making many friends in the ward. We taught him the law of chastity and he is determined to live it. I know that it is in the Lord's hands. It's been really fun to teach him in French. There are a few French speakers in the ward that have been a big help, too. The Lord really coordinates things so well!

It is funny that today is transfers and I am in such a rush, as well has having three extra days to write about, because last week was packed full of incredible experiences!

We had a special Sisters' meeting at the mission home where the Bullocks trained us on being future leaders of the church. It was incredible, as you can imagine. There was a really sweet spirit there. President Bullock really considers each of us to be his daughters, which, as you can imagine, means an awful lot to me particularly. There is a sort of theme throughout the mission. It is a phrase that President came up with, "Pathway to the Promise." Meaning, whenever we want a blessing, there are certain laws that we must be obedient to in order to obtain it. President really emphasizes exact obedience. If we walk the pathway the Lord sets than we will obtain the promise that is at the end of it.

Well, Elder Sherrard (a particularly musically talented Elder who was one of my first Zone Leaders) composed a song about it. The mission sang it at a Zone Conference two transfers back and we all loved it. Long story short, a few of us were picked by President and Elder Sherrard to record it. It was such a wonderful experience. I feel so humbled and privileged to be involved. We all drove together to Southport where there is a member who does professional recordings. The Spirit was so strong as we bore our testimonies and sang our love for missionary work. Here are some of the words:

There is a reason for all things
A motivation for what you see
More than just going and doing
is who we come to be
When the Dark one tries
no surprise
He doesn't get tired
So open up your eyes
to the wise
And the inspired.

With a heart of purity
We'll go forth and preach thy gospel
And we'll serve thee faithfully
We are the EMM
We will obey with exactness
because rooted deep within
There is a pathway to the promise

There is a pathway that we walk
while in the service of the Lord
a pathway the Saviour took
a way to make man free
This pathway's the start
and we'll never part
We'll make it tradition
This promise we'll keep
til we're old and weak
and not just our mission.

It's a bit patchy, but you get the idea!

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