Saturday, June 4, 2011

Molly is 22 and now training a new sister!

I am training! What a bitter-sweet transfer! I am really sad to see Sister Gong go, but she is going to Liverpool where they are teaching loads of Chinese people. She'll work miracles there. She's with my beloved Sister Lau! I jokingly offered to swap with her (let her train and I'll go with Sister Lau) until I found out I'm training Sister Lovell, who is fantastic. She came a day earlier than the rest because of Visa complications (she went to the Provo MTC). Last night she was at the Mission Home with nothing to do, so she came out with us! We had a less-active lesson, to which she contributed a lot, and tracting she showed good persistence and the Spirit really accompanied her testimony. I feel honoured that the Lord would let me be her first companion. I didn't know officially until today that she was the one, but I think we both felt it last night : ) She is from Seattle but attended BYU. She's done some incredible humanitarian work in her life. I'll write more about it on Monday.

I read this morning in Jacob 5 and a particular line spoke to me. There is a point where the Lord of the vineyard plants a shoot in poor ground and servant questions him. The Lord turns to him and says three cutting words, "Counsel me not." That would sum up how I've felt about the last three transfers. I am constantly battling feelings of inadequacy, especially being asked to train, but this morning the Lord said, "Counsel me not." I know He is control.

Last weekend was Stake Conference, but it was really an Area Conference broadcast from SLC and speakers were President Monson, Elder Perry, Elder Kearon (of the Seventy) and Sister Barbara Thompson. It was wonderful! I wish I had time to send you my notes. We had the miracle of having three investigators there. They were each touched in their own ways. One told me after that Elder Kearon's talk moved him. "I know it was meant for everyone, but I could swear he said those words just for me!" The Spirit was teaching him : ) Another cried during a story of President Monson's about a wayward son. Another came for the first time, too! Three cheers for Zion! He is so sweet. He has yet to receive the positive answer that God is there, but he's coming along. His prayers are sincere and beautiful.

Another exciting development on this end: do you remember the Young Single Adult ward that was formed here last month? Well, Sister Lovell and I will be doing double duty and working with both wards! It will be really interesting, because the YSA ward covers a huge area and we are on buses. Luckily the zone leaders are with us and they have a car, so they can teach the referrals that are far away. We'll see how it goes! Sundays will be straight church from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm!

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