Monday, May 23, 2011

Miracles have not ceased!

My birthday was wonderful! Thank you for the card! It arrived the day before : ) just in time. I felt very loved! Sister Gong and I had a little celebration: Spaghetti and a mint ice cream cake. I'll send you photos next week. My twenty second year promises to be full of miracles and great memories!

This week has been great especially with member work. They seem to be getting more and more excited about missionary work, which is the idea! Members are fellowshipping who never have before and have even received a member referral. The area presidency here has appointed the June fast as a special missionary fast. The challenge is for each member to fast for missionary work and then bring a friend to church the next Sunday. We are so excited! There are going to be miracles!

We already experienced a little one on Saturday. We were standing at a bus stop and Sister Gong was checking bus times. I was about to approach a passerby when I saw him smiling and suddenly realised he was approaching me! (This never happens in England, by the way. People are usually very private) He said, "Sorry to bother you, but do you know where the nearest Mormon church is?" Why, yes we do! As a matter of fact, we can even arrange a lift for you to join us there, a free Book of Mormon, lessons to explain what it teaches and a chance at eternal life! Would like cream with that? He's been searching for the truth his whole life. He's been to every other denomination under the sun. "I'm looking for the truth," he said, "and I think you may just have it." I told him we do!

Yesterday at sacrament meeting one of our Relief Society sisters, Sister Griffiths, spoke about the Good Samaritan. I always knew that it represented the Saviour and Atonement, but as I was reading my eyes were suddenly opened to how perfectly it describes the whole Plan of Salvation! I wish I had a lot of time to elaborate, but to be short I'll just lay out the symbols as I suddenly saw it (you can follow along in Luke 10): certain man: us (or Adam); Jerusalem: pre-earth life; Jericho (lowest city on earth): fallen world; journey: the Fall (Adam's or our personal fall); thieves: Satan and everything that entails; raiment: eternal life; ability to be in God's presence, etc.; half dead: while we're on earth, we've only experiences spiritual death- not physical yet; priest and levite: Law of Moses; Samaritan: Saviour; oil and wine: both symbols for the Atonement; inn: church, or wherever the Saviour takes care of us; second coming of the Samaritan: second coming of the Lord.

I haven't studied it extensively or anything, but I thought that is was such a perfect symbol for what the Saviour wants to do for us!

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