Monday, January 3, 2011


I loved hearing about the new auditorium! Incredible what the Lord is doing in Rexburg.

Something great that happened this week! On Tuesday, Sister Snell and I were hurrying to an appointment and, in our usual friendly manner, said hello to an older gentleman. After a few seconds he turned back with a puzzled look and loudly inquired, "Who are you anyway??" He must have been thinking he knew us! We've never had that response and I haltingly responded from a distance, "Uh...we're missionaries!" He grumbled and waved us away. We set off again, quietly laughing between us at the absurdity of the situation. After thirty seconds we heard this, "Hey! Excuse me?" We turned to see a bright-eyed, brown-haired, thirty-something year old man running after us. He asked, "Are you evangelising?" I was a bit on guard as I said, "I wouldn't call it that exactly...but we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ..." He sensed my wariness and assured us that he loved evangelising (he actually said that, "I love when people evangelise!" When do you hear that?). He had been on his mobile phone but heard me shout that we were missionaries and ended up running after us (the Spirit was prompting him, I know it.) He introduced himself as Will, the chaplain of a high school down the road from us. He told us briefly of his own discovery of God as a teenager and also how he travelled with some Mormons in Norway years ago. He knew we read the Bible but had not heard anything about the Book of Mormon! The Spirit was so powerful as we taught and testified of it and of our Prophet. We set up a time to see him after the New Year. I can't quite describe the epic feeling I had as we talked to him, but it was powerful! The Spirit just whispered to my heart, "Yes. This is why you're here." I love being a missionary when people are receptive!

My study of humility this week was based mainly on the words of Alma to the poor Zoramites. He teaches them that we can be humble without the Lord compelling us when he says, "because ye were compelled to be humble ye were blessed, do ye not suppose that they are more blessed who truly humble themselves because of the word?" He later elaborates, "or, in other words, blessed is he that believeth in the word of God and is baptised (or repents) without stubbornness of heart."

I want to trust the Lord so much that I go and do whatever the scriptures say without being compelled! It is difficult to keep your heart soft for the Lord to mold, but easier than letting it harden and the Lord break it up again! I love the story of the Current Bush by Hugh B. Brown (we have it on CD and we just listened to it this morning! We must be on the same brain wave :) ). Doesn't it increase your trust in the Lord? That any pain He allows you to feel is for your good? That's what it does for me.

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