Monday, January 24, 2011

Loving life in Lancaster--for one more week

Denford has been doing really well! We are preparing for his baptism and it should be great. I will be a new area by then, but I'm sure the Sisters will write me all about it.

Have I told you at all about Mr. Lesley Wilson? He is in his eighties and so humble! Most people at that age give up on changing their life or views...but not him! We met him tracting and he says he doesn't know why he invited us in (the Spirit....) but he's so glad that he did! He loves everything about the gospel but is especially touched that he will be able to see his wife again. He lost her ten years ago. We invited him to pray to ask if the Book of Mormon is true and the next day when we saw him he said he received his answer! He said, "I felt guilty asking Heavenly Father if what you were saying was true because it looked like doubt. But then I realised I had to do it because you told me to!" He made it through the dilemma and came out the other end with his own witness : D The Spirit is so wonderful. Mr. Wilson is planning on being baptised on the 12th of February (when we asked him he flipped through his calendar..."Yes, I definitely look free that day...let's do it!"). It has been a joy to teach him.

We have a new investigator, Taliesen, who is so genuine! He is eighteen has had a really rough life. When we asked him what it would mean to him if he knew God was speaking to a prophet he took a long time to answer and said, "It would just mean...well, everything to me!" He is determined to read the whole Book of Mormon and can't wait for a spiritual confirmation. He said he always knew there was a Higher Power ("I never feel like I'm alone...there's always someone watching out for me.") but it would mean everything to him to be able to feel contact from Him. I felt so privileged to be able to promise him he will get an answer! This message really is incredible.

I have absolutely loved this transfer! I never want to leave Sister Lau and Sister Shen! Or Lancaster! But this is all about sacrifice, isn't it? My sacrifice study will be continuing a bit this week and I think it'll be expanding to include sanctification. I'll include all of the above next week.

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