Monday, January 10, 2011

Still Lancaster, but better!

This week was a miraculous one in Lancaster. We are building up our teaching pool and our finding has been literally ten times more effective. It seemed that every night as we were adding up our numbers our jaws would just drop at how many people set appointments with us! I am sure it is attributed to several things, not the least of which being the incredible faith of Sister Shen and Sister Lau! I just want this transfer to last forever because I am enjoying it so much.

I had a bit of a revelatory moment in Sacrament Meeting yesterday. I was having a hard time focusing and I realised I was feeling irritated. When I examined my feelings my closely I discovered that I was feeling urgency! I realised I would have rather been out finding people to teach - to really teach - than sitting in church. Of course church is vital and there is plenty of missionary work to be done there, it was just the first time I've realised how much my heart really is in this work. I just have this desire to change lives! I'm really feeling urgency to share the gospel. I recognise that this is a blessing from the Lord. It is driving me to seek more earnestly for the elect. We must be right on the verge of finding them.

We found one of them yesterday, actually! Her name is Caroline. We were right on time for her first lesson and no one was in. We wrote her a note and should have gone straight home for tea, considering how hungry we were, but for some reason we stayed on the street to knock by a couple other potentials. Five minutes later this boy came running after us. He breathlessly said, "Come back - my - - mom - is home - - now!" Caroline had been late and when she found the note she sent little Joe after us to bring us back. We sat down with her and had a miracle lesson.

The family just moved in at Christmas. They are "gypsies" but have decided to settle down. There are a lot of "gypsies" in this area. Omit the gold hoops and tambourines from your mind. They just call themselves that because they are a bit more nomadic. They live in trailers, typically, and their children still go to school and they still have jobs, etc. Caroline is a type of Born-Again Christian and she believes strongly in miracles. She loved what we told her about the Book of Mormon, agreed to be baptised when she receives an answer (by the 29th if she has an answer by then) and invited us back three times a week! She has often wondered why there are so many different faiths, how she can know who God really is and how He answers our prayers. We were able to address all of those questions and will continue to on Tuesday! Caroline was a great gift from Heavenly Father at the end of our week.

Sister Shen's English is coming right along and she continues to be hard-working and faithful. For part of language study I work with Sister Shen on pronunciation while Sister Lau does Chinese. It is good fun being involved! I've also picked up on a few things in Chinese. I can say, "My name is Sister Davis," "I speak very little Chinese," and "We are sharing a message about Jesus Christ." Hopefully I'll be able to do a prayer soon. I'm really loving it. They have also cooked oriental food for me, which is fabulous. I'm really spoiled to be in such a good companionship.

The University students are expected back this week, which is very exciting! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store with these Chinese students. We are anticipating miracles.

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