Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 3 and Working Hard!

The work continues to move forward in Manchester! We are seeing many miracles each and every day. Satan is also aware of this and we were really hit this week with adversity! Disguised as two nasty colds. But, I believe we are fully recovered and back on the road again. The reason it took us a while to get better is because Sister Gong was so insistent that we not stay in and miss our appointments. It came the point where I just had to put my foot down because we weren't getting better, but it was great to see her enthusiasm for our investigators and her concern for their needs! Just for the record, I really love them, too.

We have seen real progress with some investigators that I thought we would be dropping this week. John came to church for the second time! He's facing a lot of fears every day and I am beginning to see how strong his faith really is. He says "not yet" to the baptismal commitment every time, but he's obviously thinking about it! It's a miracle to be a part of this.

We are having a movie night with all of our investigators and recent converts tonight! We'll be watching The Testaments. I am excited :)

NOTE: Here's a picture of Molly and Sister Gong at the temple in Preston. I love the fact that they match!

The church is most definitely true. I am sorry it's a short week : S My faith is strong and I will e-mail you a long one next week.

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