Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gathering the Saints

Tender mercy yesterday: We found lilacs! Perfect for Mothers' Day. Wish I could have sent them to you, Mum. A photo was the best I could do. They smelled beautiful.

Thank you for the uplifting Skype call yesterday. I am so blessed to have you as a family! The rest of the evening was wonderful. The Abrechts fed us pasta after which we shared with them a message about missionary work. They committed to give four copies of the Book of Mormon out before the end of the month. Stellar family. Then we took Jane and Ralph to a fireside. Well, technically, Brother Knipe (the stake patriarch) took all of us. It was President and Sister Packer! President and Sister Bullock began by bearing brief testimonies about missionary work (which was my favorite part: I'm sorry I'm biased!) and then Sister Packer spoke of being an example and Elder Packer spoke about the miracle of the Plan of Salvation. Ralph especially loved it. He felt the spirit and I know that he loves gathering with the saints! We arrived home just in time and planned for today.

Tonight we have the sisters from Liverpool staying at our flat so they can come to the Conference in the morning, so we have mattresses all over the place! The office elders dropped them off. Anyway, guess who the Liverpool sisters are now? None other than my beloved Sister Lau and Sister Shen!! I cannot wait to see them.

The month is full of mission get-togethers. Next week we will be having Specialised Zone Trainings (where President and the Assistants will teach us how to be more effective missionaries) and the week after that we are doing a Sports' Day. Did I tell you about the one at Thanksgiving? It's basically a day where we all come together and play sports. Taking a day to just play hard is a great emotional release! The best part about Sports' Day is that all the sisters come together. It's so great.

Funny story: last week we were tracting and this little boy answered the door. He saw my tag and said, "Gran! The Sister Davises are here!" Who knew that there was a religion named after me? :) It was cute.

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