Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yes, it has been a rainy week!

We had the mission conference with Elder and Sister Packer on Tuesday. I received a lovely note, by the way, and a warm hug from Sister Packer. Thank you! What a tender mercy that truly was. I haven't the slightest idea why the Lord loves me so much. It's kind of mind-blowing sometimes.

NOTE: I had actually met Sister Packer at BYU Women's Conference a few weeks ago--we sat by each other in a class. Pretty amazing that out of 15,000 women I sat by Sister Packer who was going to see Molly a few days later! Yes, we are loved dearly and Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives!

The conference was so enlightening in many ways! He taught us the opposite of the teaching model, which is the learning model. In the process of learning, we: hear, remember, understand, apply and become. There are a few of our investigators who have plateaued in their progress and this model was an answer to my prayers! As I stood each of them against this model, I could see clearly where they were struggling. Now we can focus each of them on whichever part they are stuck on. Genius!

Later, Elder Packer opened it up for questions, so I pulled out my mental list. I knew I would only be able to ask one question, and I wanted to ask one that would really benefit Sister Gong as well. As I pondered about my questions I was taught by the Holy Ghost. As I considered each one I offered a silent prayer shall I ask him this? And suddenly the answer would just come to me! I haven't been taught by the Spirit with such clarity in a long time. Question after question my mind was enlightened and my several concerns were resolved. It was a great testimony to me of the power of revelation, as well as the power of deadlines. I really think that the Lord answered me because if He hadn't I would have asked Elder Packer! And He didn't want that time to be wasted. (It's the same reason we invite our investigators to set a baptismal date, even when they don't have an answer! If they plan on doing it, the Lord will have to tell them it's right or it isn't before it's too late.) I came out of that meeting with more trust in the Lord's ability to inspire me. I know He will answer our questions when we really need it.

It's time to refresh our teaching pool and find those who else the Lord has prepared. They are out there! I know they are out there. I feel it in my heart.

Sister Gong's English is really improving. It's great to see. The scary thing is that now she's beginning to say things just like me! I'd imagine it is similar to when your little child mimics you word for word and you suddenly realise that they are listening more closely than you thought! It's made me really analyse my approach in finding and teaching.

I think I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I will never be perfect. It's taken me twenty-one years to admit that! How grateful I am that the Lord accepts my sacrifice anyway. There's nothing quite like falling into bed at 10:30 with aching legs and a battered testimony but then feeling the Lord's love wash over you. There's nothing quite like knowing you've done your best.

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